Mufti abdul Qayyum Hazarvi
Mufti Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi (born on 18th December 1933 (29th Shaban 1352) to died on 26th August 2003 on Tuesday)

The edifying garden commenced by Muhaddis e Azam Pakistan Hazrat Allama Abu Al Fazal Muhammad Sardar Ahmed (R.A), initially cultivated by Muhaddisse Kabir Astaz ul Aulma Sheikh Alhadis Allama Ghulam Rasool Rizvi (R.A.) was further ornamented on the head of Fiqia Millat Astaz ul Aulma Sheikh Alhadid Hazzrat Allama Mufti Mhammad Abdul Qayum Hazarvi (R.A) who not only shaped it into heaven but also familiarize the entire Islamic world with the scent of its passive breathing fragrance.

Full of Educational and Motivational life living Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Abdul Qayum Hazarvi (R.A) was born on 18th December 1933 (29th Shaban 1352) in a very backward area of Miran Kalan Apper Tanawal
District Mansehra, Province NWFP.

Being the loved one of an educational family, got his early education in his home, to get further Islamic religious education, he went to Jandhid Sharif (Gujrat), Hazbul Ahnaf School (Lahore), University of Rizvia Mazhar-e-Islam Haroon Abad (Bahawa Nagar), Ahya-al-Aloom School Boory Wala (Vehari) and University of Rizvia Mazhar-e-Islam (Faislabad) where he was taught by Hazrat Molana Mehboob –ur-Rehman (his uncle), Mufti Azam Allama Abu Al Barkat Syed Ahmed (R.A.) , Sheikh Alhades Allama Ghulam Rasool Rizvi (R.A) and Muhadis Azam Pakistan Pakistan Allama Abu Alfazal Muhammad Sardar Ahmad (R.A) and also got the degree of Hadees from Allama Saeed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi who was Ghazali and Razi of that era.
     After completion in 1956 he went to the University of Nazamia Rizvia Lahore to help his respected teacher Allama Ghulam Rasool Rizvi (R.A) and till death he remained busy for the progress and prosperity of this institution.

    In addition while participating in Dora-e-Hadees in Hazb ul Ahnaf, on the order of his respected teacher Allama Syed Abu Al Barkat served the duties of teaching in University of Hanfia Kasoor while dedicate his rest of life for University of Nazamia.

    Teacher of scholars, Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Hazrvi (R.A) was one of the momentous personalities who do not feel contentment on any stage hence he covered the destinations of development in his whole life and completed his mortal life in such endeavor.

  He fought with courageousness to build the new building for University of Nazamia Rizvia during its very hard and struggling circumstances. Providing basic compulsory books for library was the vital mission of his life. On the success of searching noble, he built a huge University for male students on the wide and spacious land of Sheikhupura and also established “Madrisa tu Albinat” for female students according to the requirements of current circumstances

    Association of Schools of Ahle Sunnat, He gave rise of glory to organization of schools (Ahle Sunnat) Pakistan, faced the obstacles with courage and determination in Senate and parliament for the purpose of acquisition zakat for religious schools, founded Raza

    Foundation for the very vast academic efforts of Fqia Azam Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Barailvi (R.A.), specially published the Fitawa Rizvia in a modern way to approach the Muslim nation, spread the University of Nazamia Rizvia in the whole country in the form of different branches and performed the duty of hidden help of many religious institutions. Leading and encouraging people doing religious tasks was known to be his prominent quality, played his effective role for the success of “Jamiat Ulama Pakistan” and “Jamat Ahle Sunat”. He performed the duties of serving Muslim nation through Royat e Hilal and Itihad bin Muslimeen committees. Even though participated in national collective affairs either they were on Government level or on personal level, not only equipped the students with knowledge but also exceeded them from furnace of training and provided the wealth of religion and knowledge to his own children.

    And thus Hazrat Mufti Azam Pakistan after offering benefits of such blessings like educational institutions, publishing centers, proud respect , educated children, courage to work, love of mission with passion and quality education to coming generations, died on 26th August 2003 on Tuesday and buried on 27th August 2003 on Wednesday under the shades of high pillars of Jamia Mosque Raza.

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