Allama Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Al-Qadiri Rahmatullah alaih
شاہ احمد نورانی‎ Allama Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Al-Qadiri (RA) Rahmatullah alaih (1926-2003)

Qaid-e-Ahl Sunnat
His Eminence Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Al-Qadiri (RA) Rahmatullah alaih (1926-2003)

The great Sunni scholar, spiritual guide, political leader, founder of the World Islamic Mission, inviter to Allah’s Religion, leader of the Jamiat e Ulama e Pakistan (JUP) and lately President of the MMA, His Excellency Mawlana Shah Ahmad Noorani al-Siddiqui, son of His Eminence Hazrat Shaykh Abdul ‘Aleem Siddiqui Meerathi (may Allah have mercy on them both)-who was a khalifa (spiritual heir) to His Eminence Imam e Ahle Sunnat Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Riza Khan Barelvi and one of the greatest Islamic scholars of the twentieth century and spiritual had of the Qadiri and Chishti Sufi orders –may his innermost being be sanctified!-has passed away of a heart attack earlier today in Islamabad and thus left the future of the MMA in doubt and also, more importantly, left Sunnis all of the world in deep grief at his passing.His Eminence was born in Meerut, India in the holy month of Ramadan and became a hafiz-ul-quran (memorized the entire Holy Qur’an) at the tender age of eight. His noble lineage goes back to that of the greatest of human beings after the Prophets and Messengers, by ijma of this Ummah, Sayyidina Abu Bakr al Siddiq (may Allah be well pleased with him), the first Khalifah of the Prophet and the greatest of the Companions.Noorani Sahib Graduated from the National Arabic College, Meerut,lndia and obtained the Fazil -e-Arabi degree from Allahabad University and completed the renowned classical dars-e-Nizami (at advanced or Fazil level) from Darul-Uloom Arabia, Meerut. He also learned from his eminent father.
After completing his education he started his full-fledged international missionary tours around the world soon after the birth of Pakistan. During his lifetime he held a number of important posts including:
• Honorary Secretary General of the WORLD MUSLIM ULAMA ORGANIZATION for 12 years thus working for the cause of Islamic Unity.
• Founder of WORLD ISLAMIC MISSION at Dar-ul-Arkam in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1972
• Presided over the International Islamic Conference held at Bradford, U.K., in April 1974 and subsequently elected the First President of the WORLD ISLAMIC MISSION.
In his political career Mawlana was elected as a Member of Parliament from Karachi in 1970 and subsequently elected Leader of the Parliamentary Party of the JAMIAT ULAMA - PAKISTAN (JUP) unanimously. He retained his Karachi seat for a long time and was a Senator

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  • رب پہ بھروسہ از مولانا فاروق احمد سومرو
  • شب وروز کی پکار از مولانا کریم داد قادری
  • برائیوں کی جڑ از مولانا احمد رضا
  • ظلم کی برائی از مولانا مشتاق احمد شمس القادری
  • اخلاص از مولان گلشیر احمد قادری
  • رضا بالقضاء از مولانا دانیال رضا
  • نیکی کی بہاریں از ابو اریب محمد چمن زمان نجم القادری
  • مہمان نوازی از علامہ عبد المصطفی شیخ زادہ
  • جمالِ شریعت سندھی ترجمہ بہارِ شریعت پہلا حصہ از مفتی جمیل احمد چنہ
  • شکرِ پروردگار از تنظیم الارشاد زیرِ طبع
  • فضائل رمضان از علامہ محمد صادق سومرو
  • عمامہ کے ماثور رنگ از ابو اریب محمد چمن زمان نجم القادری
  • الاصباح شرح صغری اوسط کبری از مفتی محمد شہزاد حافظ آبادی
  • ستائیس رجب کی عبادتیں ، عبادت یاگمراہی؟ از ابو اریب محمد چمن زمان نجم القادری